Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Class 2 - Beyond the Walls of the Classroom

The 2nd class is about taking our teaching and learning beyond our classrooms. Please choose one of the four topics on the Moodle site that you wish to learn about and complete the assignment.
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  1. Flipped Lesson Idea:

    You can record your own video to use with flipped lessons, but there are countless videos and tutorials for math on the web which kids can view at home as needed. For the grade 5 level, however, it is important to scan for just the right topics and level of difficulty.

    One of my favorite "go to" video sites is StudyJams by Scholastic. This is a video I have used with decimal and fraction equivalents: http://studyjams.scholastic.com/studyjams/jams/math/fractions/decimals-fractions-equivalents.htm

    As an at-home assignment, students should:
    1. Read the vocabulary listed on the intro screen
    2. Watch the video
    3. Answer the 7 follow up questions

    Students will find out which questions were answered incorrectly at the end of the quiz, and should write the example #'s down to be ready to ask questions at the start of the next class. Additionally, students may click on "feedback" to learn a bit more about each of the examples they answered incorrectly.

    (I'm anxious to do more of these this coming year!)

    Barb Stiles

  2. Barb Stiles's response to: Should Falmouth schools deploy resources to pilot the Flipped Classroom approach in Math? Why or Why not?

    At first, I am wondering what "deploy resources" actually means. Students in grades 7-12 have access to laptops, but there is certainly not a guarantee that students in lower grades have this same access.

    A "Flipped Classroom" approach can only work to strengthen Falmouth's already strong curriculum structure. Teachers can certainly be encouraged to experiment with the idea but, like all new approaches, they take time to get started.

    After further examination, I am now wondering if "deploy classroom resources" means that Falmouth would connect/partner with some type of online learning forum complete with tutorials, practice, progress monitoring, etc. If this is the idea, and teachers would not be asked to recreate countless class lessons as videos for students to watch at home, then I'm on board! Students could come to class for a "work session" for which the teacher is available to assist and support rather than just "deliver" the content. This idea is very intriguing! I'd love to give it a try!

    Barb Stiles