Friday, January 11, 2013

Try one!

Using the Wallwisher, you have written some goals for this technology course. You took notes on the various tools that were presented during the first class meeting. What tools did you explore and how are you going to use them in your personal or school life?


  1. Working on setting up a Diigo account now. Anyone else?

  2. I had signed up for Twitter about a year ago but hadn't really used it. I had seen the #sschat handle floating around the internet, searched for it, and found a bunch of people to follow from there. I've already seen a few resources to explore and seen some interesting conversations.

    I've used GoogleReader to stay atop of education stuff, but I agree with the comments that I feel like I need to go back in and read all of my missing posts. I like that with Twitter I feel like I can drop in, see the current conversation, and drop out. I see myself using it as a more drop-in place to find new resources, see quick ideas, and (maybe?) pose my own questions.

    Thanks for clarifying the different roles of these tools!

  3. I had signed up for Delicious many years ago and didn't use it. Not that it wasn't a good idea, I just didn't see the use for it. I'll give it another try. I do use more than my school computer, so it might be more helpful to me.

    1. Beth, you might want to give Diigo a try. If you already have a Delicious account, you can easily transfer your bookmarks to Diigo.

      Cathy P.

  4. I signed into Delicious and added a YouTube video. One of our Read Naturally passages is about Stevie Wonder and most of our students don't know who he is. Rather than searching the internet each time we want to share something like this, I'm going to add other sites so I can just go to Delicious and show students what I want them to see. This also alleviates coming across inappropriate content and saves time searching.

  5. I just wanted to add that I started using Diigo after it was introduced at the first class, and I am loving it! I love that I can automatically save my bookmarks to lists that I create. This has already been such a time saver because I can access the links I want to go back to easily and quickly!